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MZ-RH1 Display+Remote

Uploading the Old Minidiscs

I gave the new MZ-RH1 minidisc recorder a spin last night and I have to report that it works as advertised. I tried out three minidiscs recorded about 6 years ago in regular minidisc SP format and they uploaded to my PC and converted to WAV without a hitch. All these minidiscs were airchecks recorded […]

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One Step Closer to the Demise of the Record Button?

In addition to the votes for LPFM and against net neutrality, the Senate Commerce Committee voted in favor of an amendment creating the broadcast flag for both radio/audio and TV/video. If you haven’t heard already, the broadcast flag would allow all content producers to effectively disable the record button on any digital device you own. […]

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Progressives’ Paradox — Senate Commerce Committee Votes Up on LPFM, Down on Net Neutrality

Oh, those party lines. Senate Commerce Committee Republicans showed themselves to be 92% against ensuring internet freedom, with 11 out of 12 voting against a net neutrality amendment to the big telecom bill (S.2686) today. That was a much narrower loss than a similar amendment suffered in the House, due to the fact that all […]

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Minidisc Arrival

My new Sony MZ-RH1 (oh, how I wish electronics could have actual names, rather than arcane model numbers) arrived this afternoon, one day early. I went home to make sure it didn’t sit out on the front step unattended for half the day. I’ve had a chance to unpack it and take a quick look, […]

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