Making Sense of the New Hi-Def Camcorder Format

The new PC World column from Richard Baguley, also my guest on today’s radioshow, is about the new AVCHD format for recording HD video to DVD-R and hard drives. I mentioned the new format as part of Sony’s announcement of two new HD camcorders last week.

The main point of functionality I wonder about is whether or not you’ll be able to easily edit footage shot with a new AVCHD cam, given that it’s still not easy to do with footage shot on a standard-definition DVD or HD camcorder.

Baguley says that major editing software publishers are going to support the new format, though no timeline is available. He also says that Sony intends to support playback of AVCHD video on DVD-Rs with its next generation BluRay DVD players and the Playstation 3 (he mentioned this on the show today, too).

But he still concludes that jumping on the AVCHD bandwagon is for early-adopters only, which is pretty much my conclusion, too.

Although the new Sony HD cams aren’t due to be released until September, Camcorderinfo’s John Neely got his hands on one for a preview, but not a thorough review.

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