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From Today’s Radioshow: Net Neutrality Debate and Daily Show Segments

On today’s radioshow we listened to excerpts from a debate on Net Neutrality between two founders of the internet, Vint Cerf, in defense of net neutrality, and Dave Farber, speaking against it. The debate was sponsored by the Center for American Progress, and you can find an mp3 of the whole debate at the Public […]

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HD Direct to Hard Drive & DVD — But Will It Edit?

Sony’s got the videogeeks all aflutter today with the announcement of new high-definition camcorders that record directly to mini-DVDs and hard drive. They’re basically a melding of existing DVD and hard drive cams with Sony’s entry level HDV camcorder. The hi-def part is made possible by the new AVCHD format/codec that Sony co-developed with Panasonic. […]

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OH, the Tubes! or, Why I Don’t MySpace.

Thanks to everyone’s fake anchorman, Sen. Ted Steven’s tubular understanding of the workings of the Internets is gaining much more popular recognition. Now the NY Times has taken note, as well as the LA Times, and the Washington Post. But one blogger apparently got his MySpace account temporarily suspended because he posted a parody song […]

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Tape’s Not Obsolete

When it comes to audio and video recording, we’re in the midst of a increasingly fast move from tape-based recording to solid state and hard disk recording. The most obvious reason for this move is that memory cards and hard drives can be immediately accessed by a computer, where almost all editing happens. This greatly […]

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DIY Audio Recording Links from Friday’s Radioshow

On yesterday’s radioshow guest Jay Eychaner and I talked about the rise of inexpensive digital audio recording and its impact on independent musicians, radio producers and podcasters. For those looking for more information, here are some links: Tape-Op Magazine is a free, independent publication that serves the independent recording community. has how-to articles and […]

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