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Hitting the Congresscritters at Home for Net Neutrality

SavetheInternet details actions in 25 cities where folks hit up their Senators to urge support for network neutrality. Apparently there was success in New York, with Sen. Charles Schumer announcing support for net neutrality, and Iowa, where Sen. Tom Harkin did likewise. Now, both those guys are Democrats, which in the Senate, at least, have […]

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FCC Chair Says He Wants Public Comment on Media Ownership, But Is Doing His Best To Undermine IT

As Matthew Lasar points out, media activists are wasting no time reaching out to the public at large in order to educate about media ownership and listen to public opinion on the issue. Of course this happens while we wait for the FCC to finally announce the public hearings on the issue that its promised. […]

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Mobile FM Transmitters — A Modulator Menace, or a Mountain out of a Molehill?

The traditional radio broadcast industry is getting pretty desperate lately. But while commercial radio has seen its fortunes slowly decline after squeezing out the consolidation profits, public radio has generally faired better. Nevertheless, there’s still some unregulated competition and interference coming from those little FM transmitters people use to pump their portable music players into […]

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Macrovision Trying To Plug the Analog Hole with a Suit, Attacking Our Fair Use Rights

I don’t know how I missed this story. The CamcorderInfo blog alerts me that Macrovision has sued Sima Products, which manufactures so-called video enhancers that do a pretty good job of fixing Macrovision’s analog copy protection scheme. Using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as its weapon Macrovision won a preliminary injunction against Sima back in […]

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Wired News on “Get Lamp”

Wired News has a short article on Jason Scott‘s upcoming documentary on text adventures, “Get Lamp.” Jason’s one of the few independent filmmakers really using the communications reach of the internet to his best advantage to create interesting documentaries without bankrupting himself. He knows his subject matter, he knows his niche, and he knows his […]

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