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Dave Rabbit off to Iraq

Salon features an article on Vietnam War pirate broadcaster Dave Rabbit who has begun podcasting since he discovered an underground following for recordings of the programs he did in 1971. Now Rabbit is off to Iraq to produce a new podcast, probably from inside a Baghdad hotel filled with journalists. Although he claims to be […]

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Federal Consolidation Commissioner

It isn’t enough to drag his feet on obligations to inform and engage the public on the media ownership proceeding. Now FCC Chair Kevin Martin is ready to sign off on the proposed AT&T – BellSouth merger without imposing a single condition. While he may have a bit more political savvy than his predecessor, Martin […]

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FCC ‘Splode!

Well not quite, but according to celebrity communications prof. Robert McChesney, the “FCC Scandal Explodes with Second Revelation of Suppressed Media Ownership Research.” Bob knows how to use a little well-placed hyperbole now and then. Like I pointed out yesterday, Bob notes that, “This scandal could not have hit the FCC at a worse time […]

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FCC Buried Media Ownership Report

I’m on vacation and trying to stay off the internets, but this one just shouldn’t be missed. Back when the FCC made its first stab at revising media ownership rules, then-Chairman Powell and his fellow Republicans argued that localism and service to communities was an entirely separate issue than who owns the media outlets that […]

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