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Sad News from Oaxaca

I’ve been mostly offline (from the web, at least) for days now, so I apologize for not posting this earlier. Many readers well-plugged-in to the Indymedia scene will likely know already, but I must note the murder of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will by Mexican military forces in Oaxaca last Friday. This happened as mexican […]

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Benton & SSRC Reports: Concentrated Ownership Does Not Correlate with Better, Diverse Media

Benton Foundation and the Social Science Research Council released their four reports on media ownership and concentration today. Without a doubt these reports explode the lies that the FCC majority, National Asociation of Broadcasters and major newspaper owners have been trying to push. The big media contentions, that more concentrated ownership results in more variety […]

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Reports, Reports Everywhere, but Not One from the FCC

On Wednesday the Media and Democracy Coalitionreleased a series of reports focusing on the economic effects of industry consolidation in twelve states. Not surprisingly they find that media consolidation is bad: The research finds that in every one of those states, most citizens already live in highly concentrated media markets with few choices for news […]

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