Good News: Army Subpoena of Journalist Dropped

Just saw this email from the National Radio Project that came in yesterday:

UPDATE! Journalist Subpoenas Dismissed!
Army prosecutors of Lt. Watada drop two charges
for speaking to the press

January 29, 2007

Two charges of “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman”
have been dropped by the Army-each of which carried a one year
possible prison sentence for vocal Iraq War objector Lt. Ehren
Watada. The two charges were based on interviews with independent
journalist Sarah Olson and Greg Kakesako of the Honolulu
Star-Bulletin. The Army dismissed the subpoenas of these
journalists who, if they had not testified against their source
were faced with felony contempt of court charges, which carried
a sentence of up to six months in prison.


I know I’ve been a bad indy blogger and I haven’t mentioned this important case here at all. But you can turn to John at DIYmedia who interviewed journalist Sarah Olson for the special NCMR January 12 edition of Media Minutes [MP3 link].

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