Really Free Video Editing

For the independent video/movie maker, Linux-based video editing apps are a holy grail of sorts. That’s because the truly pro-level apps like Premiere, Final Cut and Vegas all cost a good few hundred bucks to start, and even the “free” apps like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker require that you first buy a brand-name computer with brand-name operating system.

Unfortunately, reliable open source and free software alternatives have been hard to come by, especially ones that have the level of functionality and user-friendliness that other mature commercial apps have.

So it is with guarded excitement that I view Ubuntu Linux’s announcement of a suite of apps, called Ubuntu Studio, that “is aimed at the linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional,” built on this popular user-friendly Linux distro.

Unbuntu Studio is supposed to be a full distribution with all of the audio and video apps already integrated — so it should really just be a matter of install and go.

A truly usable free software editing suite is a good thing because it would help lower the cost of entry for video editing, by taking out the cost of the software and OS. Furthermore, it should also reduce hardware costs, making it easier to build your own machine or recycle parts — something you can’t do at all with Apple hardware.

I’ll see if I can’t have some time to check it out when April rolls around.

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