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Arthur, on the Rocks, into the Drink

I’ve only seen Arthur magazine a handful of times, picking it up in various record stores or bookstores in random cities and places — I think I found it once in my home base Champaign, IL. I always enjoyed this free publication because it seemed freewheeling, with truly interesting interviews and reviews, and not published […]

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NYC Grassroots Media Conference

For the 4th time independent media makers will be gathering in New York City this coming Saturday, Feb. 24, at the NYC Grassroots Media Conference. There’s workshops, film screenings and art galore. This year’s conference theme is, Media and Movements Beyond Borders: This year, the NYC Grassroots Media Conference seeks to ask: What are the […]

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When Competition Doesn’t Provide Much Competition

The single biggest rationale behind fast-tracking AT&T and Verizon into offering cable TV services over the broadband lines is to provide more consumer choice and competition in television services. Sounds like a good idea on first blush, since most communities only have a single incumbent cable provider, with their only alternative being a direct broadcast […]

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Homelessness Marathon Starts Tuesday at 7 PM EST

I’ve been completely remiss in not posting about the 10th annual Homelessness Marathon, airing on community radio stations across the continent beginning Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 7 PM EST, ending at 9 AM the following morning. The marathon highlights the problem of homelessness and gives people who are homeless an opportunity to participate and speak […]

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