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Does the American “Market” Abhor Competition?

Mergers, mergers, mergers. There’s been talk for quite some time about the nation’s two direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers–DirecTV and Dish Network–merging. More recently the talk has been about the nation’s only two satellite radio providers merging. Today, there’s a leak from the companies that a merger between XM and Sirius may be announced soon, […]

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Show notes for Feb. 16 radioshow: FCC makes LPFM exceptions; SFLR has its day in court

John Anderson from was my guest for the Feb. 16 edition of the mediageek radioshow [listen now]. We talked about a couple of exceptions the FCC has made with regard to issuing low-power FM licenses. First, the FCC has given “special temporary authority” to a former FM pirate in Goldfield, Nevada — read articles […]

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More Free Video Editing

The Camcorderinfo blog has posted a round-up of video editing apps for “non-video folks” and a couple more free video editing apps. I haven’t tried most of the apps listed, except iMovie, so I can’t vouch. Using a free app (whether it’s free as in beer, or free as in speech) is a good way […]

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Illinois’ Racist Mascot Has One Foot in the Grave

Today the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and Administration announced that it is halting use of “Chief Illiniwek” effective Feb. 21. Ostensibly this is so Illinois can get out of sanctions imposed by the NCAA against schools using racist imagery and mascots. It’s taken some twenty years of pressure from students, Native American groups […]

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Can Data Storage Media Ever Be Retro-Cool?

It must be retro-goodness week. While I’m musing about cassettes, Aj files a Requiem for the Floppy. I actually backed up all my old 3.5″ PC floppies onto CD-R (two copies each, of course) this past spring. Less than 10% of them were bad, but because I’m kind of obsessive about backing up, it seemed […]

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