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Headlines from the Feb. 2 radioshow: Journalists Beaten in Oaxaca, a Pro-Fair-Use Bill, The House’s Telecomm Agenda

Community Radio Journalists Beaten in Oaxaca Two community radio journalists were beaten by state-supported militants in the Mexican state of Oaxaca on the night of January 24. One was arrested. According to a report from the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, known as AMARC, the incident occurred during a confrontation between militants of the […]

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Keeping the Archive Alive

If you’re engaged in any sort of media making, a thing that it’s smart to consider is how you’ll keep your works alive and accessible. Magnetic tapes, hard drives and optical discs all have a lifespan that is only somewhat known, and often unpredictable. Even media like photographic film, which has shown itself to be […]

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The People Decide: Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly

Nancy Davies has a new book coming out with Al Giordano’s Narco News Books, The People Decide: Oaxaca’s Popular Assembly. Giordano announces the book: When on May 25, 2006 Nancy Davies published a reporter’s notebook entry on The Narcosphere titled “The Desperate Government in Oaxaca” few observers– other than Davies – saw the regime of […]

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