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Paste Discovers Pirate Radio

Paste magazine profiles Pirate Cat Radio’s Monkey Man, writing as if writer John Clarke Jr. alone had rediscovered pirate radio after its supposed “Pump Up the Volume” heyday in the early 90s. The article has nothing new to offer, cribbing its FCC enforcement stats from DIYmedia’s Enforcement Action Database without giving a full citation or […]

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Distributor Death Takes Down Another Indie Mag

After publishing 80 issues, the great independent culture and politics magazine Punk Planet has announced its closing. According to a front-page post on PP’s website by Daniel Sinker there are several factors contributing to its demise, “bad distribution deals, disappearing advertisers, and a decreasing audience of subscribers.” The bankruptcy of major distributors is a problem […]

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The Rise of Community Radio in India

Community radio is very new to India, only recently legalized by the government. It shows a lot of promise, but there are also potential problems. Jaggi Singh and Emmanuel Madan are producing a series of radio programs exploring the rise of this new community media in India for CKUT in Montreal. Jaggi and Emmanuel were […]

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