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free103point9 Says There’s No News in the Times about Brooklyn Microradio

Just noticed free103point9’s Tom Roe’s comments about the Times Brooklyn pirate radio article I blogged about yesterday. He calls it “under-reported,” by which I think he means “not sufficiently reported” by the freelancer who wrote the piece, not “under-reported” to mean “a story which deserves more coverage like this.” Roe goes on to comment that […]

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Unforuntate Problem with NYC Pirates

On the second year-end wrap-up radioshow, John Anderson mentioned a steep rise in the number of FCC enforcement actions in the New York City metro area, especially against unlicensed stations serving ethnic minorities who have little or no representation on licensed stations. Last week the NY Times ran a short story about college and public […]

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Year-End Review Pt. 2

The 2nd part of my year-end review radioshow with John Anderson from is online now. We cover the FCC’s all-but-elimination of the cross-ownership ban, and John catches us up with the year in FCC enforcement action against unlicensed stations. You can download the show at the radioshow page, or just listen here: [mp3][/mp3]

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