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John Anderson on Freak Radio Santa Cruz: the State of Media in 2008

My pal John Anderson recently joined Skidmark Bob on Santa Cruz’s long running unlicensed station to dish about many of the topics he writes about at and discusses with me on the radioshow. Topics include Pirate Radio, FM Radio, on-air Television, Net Neutrality (or lack their of), translator FM stations and the very bleak […]

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The O.P.s — Original Pirates — Full Power and Micropower

As long as there have been transmitters, there’s been broadcasters who aren’t interested in appealing to a higher authority for the right to use them. As for nearly as long, there’s been some federal agency hunting them down. But not nearly successfully enough to quash unlicensed broadcasting altogether. To whit, this 1934 Modern Mechanix article […]

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When Underground Culture Was Hard(er) To Find

Filmmaker Danny Plotnick’s “Out of Print” is an absolutely brilliant and simple but effective short film about the somewhat lost pleasures of hunting down underground media, from cult films and bands, to underground literature and zines. By his own description, it’s “an ode to the counterculture of the 80s and 90s when unearthing quality culture […]

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BitTorrent’s Plan for the Future Includes Open Source File Sharing, According to CTO

Back in November I posted about BitTorrent’s President Ashwin Navin’s appearance at Streaming Media West, hoping he’d address the Comcast blocking question. Being the semi-dedicated blogger I am, I never followed up, aside from a brief news item on the Nov. 18 radioshow. The answer Navin gave at SM West was that he wasn’t too […]

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