Archive | April, 2008

Twitter has the best live feed from FCC Stanford

I only two weeks into my Twitter experience, but I’m starting to drink the Kool Aid. Following these Tweets is giving me the best updates from the Stanford hearing when I can’t be listening live: Thanks to @nsputnik! for the Tweet refs.

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Is Boulder Free Radio Back?

Monk–the captain of the original, but departed Boulder Free Radio–observes the apparent resurrection of the mantle. The new captains say: Pirate Radio lives again in Boulder! We may go by others names and on different frequencies. We may broadcast live on the air, or streaming over the internet, or both. We may do it from […]

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Radio Indymedia Is Back Online!

Thanks to hardworking geek IMCistas Radio Indymedia is back online, providing a great resource for uploading and sharing radically independent, non-commercial audio and radio content. This is great because the extensive and valuable archives are again available, but also because it’s open to new content, too. For the six months or so that Radio Indymedia […]

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