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Watch Those VHS Tapes!

It was only ten years ago when DVD players cost over 500 bucks. And it seems like only yesterday that people were trampling each other in Wal-Mart on Black Friday to buy up $25 DVD players. At this point we’ve probably all taken for granted the inevitable obsolescence of the VHS video tape. Yet, how […]

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Nov. 4 Is the Date for More than One Important Vote

There is a vote scheduled for November 4 that is very easily overshadowed by another, somewhat more high-profile vote. While the nation’s voters decide whether Barack Obama or John McCain (or Cynthia McKinney or Bob Barr) will be the next president the FCC will be making an important decision about the future of internet access […]

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Saturday Is Home Movie Day

Dig into your closets, attics and garages and rescue your old home movies. They deserve better than that. They need to be preserved, archived and seen! Home Movie Day is an annual event in service of celebrating and educating people about the cultural and historical value of their old home movies, especially ones on film. […]

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On tonight’s radioshow: Chicago Independent Radio Project

While there is a lot of good non-commercial radio in Chicago, one thing the city lacks is a true community station, programmed entirely by community volunteers and funded by community donations. Of course, it’s great that college stations like Northwestern’s WNUR and University of Chicago’s WHPK actively open their studios to community programmers. However, even […]

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No fresh, live radioshow this week

Due to a pre-emption to make way for live improvised music event on WNUR, there will be no live mediageek this week. An “encore edition” of the show will air on affiliates. Given that I’m working 10 – 12 hour days this week, it’s a fine coincidence. I had no guest yet scheduled for tomorrow, […]

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