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Tom Roe on free103point9’s New FM Station and Microradio Past

Tom Roe, program director for free103point9, was my guest for last week’s radioshow where we discussed that organization’s approach to transmission arts and how they were able to obtain a rare noncommercial full-power FM broadcast license. That show is now available for downloading or listening online. In the second half of the live broadcast version […]

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Flip weighs in with pocket-size HD

The folks who brought you the original pocket-size, one-button Flip camcorder have now released their high-definition version. For the last couple of years I’ve expressed skepticism at both tape-less video recording and the true viability of HD in inexpensive cameras. But recently I’m coming around to the idea, primarily because the cost (under $250) is […]

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New York Times Declares: Iraq War Over

Well, at least a special edition of the New York Times that I’m pretty sure was released by hoaxmeisters, the Yes Men. According to an unsigned press release I received in my email this morning, 1.2 million copies of the “exact replica” of the New York Times with a cover date of July 4, 2009 […]

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