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Don’t Be Spooked by Threats of Obsolesence

One of the unfortunate effects of our capitalist economy is the constant drive for new and better. Well, really it’s mostly new and novel, with better being a secondary consideration. That means obsolescence is something that constantly looms over industrial products, especially tech products. But obsolete does not equate with useless or worthless–not remotely. With […]

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Another “Reformed” Pirate

Following up on my tangent that veered onto the infamous off-shore US pirate, Radio New York International, the Radio Kitchen has a new post about WHVW in New York’s Hudson Valley, an eclectic AM music station owned and run by “Pirate” Joe Ferraro, who partnered with Allan Weiner in RNI. In addition to shortwave station […]

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mediageek 4 December 2008: Communication Rights and Freedom of Expression

On Nov. 7 the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a conference held in Montreal, QC. Community radio CKUT‘s News Collective recorded the conference, making the audio available to other community radio stations to share. On this edition of the radioshow we listen to two presentations from the panel […]

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