What Makes for Compelling Educational Video, and Predictions for 2009

I have two recent columns on educational media posted over at Streaming Media Magazine. The most recent one is the “Futurewatch” for education in 2009, which will be published in the upcoming Industry Sourcebook 2009 issue. I’m predicting a greater emphasis on mobile-accessible media along with greater convergence between communication platforms like videoconferencing with streaming and downloaded/pocasted media. I also have some hopes for a more open and interoperable future.

(courtesy: brandon shigeta/Flickr)

(photo credit: brandon shigeta/Flickr)

The other is my regular “Class Act” column from the Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009 issue, “What Makes for Compelling Video?” In it I take up some thoughts I had while picking up a video production project here at NU, and what I learned by trying to view the product as a regular websurfer. I think there should be something of interest for anyone producing video, educational or otherwise.

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