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Tackling the Queue

Yesterday I finally posted a piece about Part 15 unlicensed ultra-low-power radio at Radio Survivor. It’s a topic dear to my heart, and one that I covered quite a bit here back in the day. I’ve wanted to tackle it for Radio Survivor for months. I finally got kicked into writing because the New York […]

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Reclaim The Commons

People’s Radio in Rogers Park

I’m a little bummed that I didn’t know about this project that happened in my Chicago neighborhood this past weekend – People’s Radio at Mess Hall: People’s Radio will be a fully functioning radio station aimed at promoting alternative and local points of view, non-mainstream music, creating a dialogue about the “Commons”, and to demystify […]

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Limited Area Broadcasting

I’ve just spent a little chunk of time plowing through the archives of the Low Power Radio blog, which I found through my referrer logs. It promises insight on “how to set up and operate your own low power radio station.” By low power, the blogger Kev means: Micro radio, micro power broadcasting, part 15 […]

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Unforuntate Problem with NYC Pirates

On the second year-end wrap-up radioshow, John Anderson mentioned a steep rise in the number of FCC enforcement actions in the New York City metro area, especially against unlicensed stations serving ethnic minorities who have little or no representation on licensed stations. Last week the NY Times ran a short story about college and public […]

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Mobile FM Transmitters — A Modulator Menace, or a Mountain out of a Molehill?

The traditional radio broadcast industry is getting pretty desperate lately. But while commercial radio has seen its fortunes slowly decline after squeezing out the consolidation profits, public radio has generally faired better. Nevertheless, there’s still some unregulated competition and interference coming from those little FM transmitters people use to pump their portable music players into […]

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