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O’Reilly Reviews New Digital Audio Recorder

Digital audio recorders that use flash memory are finally becoming common and inexpensive enough to be good tools for independent media makers. And, it’s just in time to pick up from minidisc, which has probably gasped its last breath. At work I’ve been experimenting with the Zoom H4, which is a moderately priced (~$250) digital […]

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DIY Audio Recording Links from Friday’s Radioshow

On yesterday’s radioshow guest Jay Eychaner and I talked about the rise of inexpensive digital audio recording and its impact on independent musicians, radio producers and podcasters. For those looking for more information, here are some links: Tape-Op Magazine is a free, independent publication that serves the independent recording community. has how-to articles and […]

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MZ-RH1 Display+Remote

Uploading the Old Minidiscs

I gave the new MZ-RH1 minidisc recorder a spin last night and I have to report that it works as advertised. I tried out three minidiscs recorded about 6 years ago in regular minidisc SP format and they uploaded to my PC and converted to WAV without a hitch. All these minidiscs were airchecks recorded […]

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Sudden Positive Interest in Minidisc

It’s strange, minidisc had been pretty much left for dead by the mainstream, despite a pretty big installed user base. Now Sony defies expectation by releasing a new recorder that sheds just about every drawback of the format and a few positive articles pop up in the geek mediasphere. About a week ago, the Crave […]

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