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DVD & CD vs. VHS & 8-Track

Russ Forster fires off a “useless angry raving” on “the DVD Craze”: “They are trumpeting that DVDs deliver better picture and sound more reliably than any analog formats. It all sounds so alluring, but after having to suffer through a rented DVD that had scratches rendering sections of GOSFORD PARK unwatchable, I have a greater […]

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Ogg for Mac

There’s now a plug-in that allows Mac’s iTunes to play Ogg Vorbis, the open-source audio codec. I started encoding the radio show in Ogg Vorbis back in July. It provides good broadcast-quality sound with slightly smaller files than mp3. I also see Ogg Vorbis as a little more “future-proof,” from the standpoint that it’s open […]

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Dead Dataplay

While the idea may sound good on paper, I think it was clear the thing was doomed from the start. What they were trying to sell was portability and convenience, but Dataplay didn’t offer significantly more portability or convenience than CD-Rs or minidiscs.

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