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NPR Still Ludicriously Fighting LPFM

It’s been eight years since the FCC voted to establish LPFM, and in that time NPR has only seen its fortunes rise, with listenership and income rising in sharp contrast to the fortunes of the Clear-Channeled commercial radio industry. Yet, as Matthew Lasar reports in Ars Technica, the nation’s largest public radio network continues to […]

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Is Boulder Free Radio Back?

Monk–the captain of the original, but departed Boulder Free Radio–observes the apparent resurrection of the mantle. The new captains say: Pirate Radio lives again in Boulder! We may go by others names and on different frequencies. We may broadcast live on the air, or streaming over the internet, or both. We may do it from […]

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John Anderson on Freak Radio Santa Cruz: the State of Media in 2008

My pal John Anderson recently joined Skidmark Bob on Santa Cruz’s long running unlicensed station to dish about many of the topics he writes about at and discusses with me on the radioshow. Topics include Pirate Radio, FM Radio, on-air Television, Net Neutrality (or lack their of), translator FM stations and the very bleak […]

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The O.P.s — Original Pirates — Full Power and Micropower

As long as there have been transmitters, there’s been broadcasters who aren’t interested in appealing to a higher authority for the right to use them. As for nearly as long, there’s been some federal agency hunting them down. But not nearly successfully enough to quash unlicensed broadcasting altogether. To whit, this 1934 Modern Mechanix article […]

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