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FCC Chair in the Back Room with Comcast

Regarding pending FCC approval for a cable TV merger between Comcast and AT&T, reports that The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) and the Media Access Project (MAP), two Washington-based advocacy groups, said the contact between Roberts and the FCC “typifies the behind the scene insider lobbying of special interest national politics.” Everyone knows that […]

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And the Clear Channel Crookery Continues To Be Exposed

Wired News is doing a three-part series investigating Clear Channel’s nefarious practices in buying and operating radio stations. The first article takes a close look at the company’s operations in San Diego: “nowhere is its domination more prevalent than in San Diego. The world’s largest radio company controls 14 stations there — a half-dozen more […]

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Felon Loses Radio Stations

Christopher Maxwell from Radio Free Richmond points out this report from Radio and Records that stations in Indiana and Missouri owned by Michael Rice have been shut down by the FCC because of Rice’s felony criminal record. The FCC said that it’s action is “incontrovertibly final,” due to the Commission’s belief that Rice misrepresented his […]

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