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The Future of the Internet Is on the Table

I dedicated all of yesterday’s radioshow (already available for download) to the issue of network neutrality. I’m quite convinced that this is the most important communications issue to watch in 2006, since whatever Congress does will have long-lasting repercussions on the very basis of our telecommunications infrastructure. Yesterday’s show featured some excerpts of testimony from […]

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Network Newspeak

As I predicted yesterday, the telecomm industry showed up at today’s Senate Commerce Committee meeting and found a way to advocate for THEIR version of network neutrality–the one that lets them filter what customers get over the internet-which isn’t really all that neutral. Say hello to network diversity, and what Congresscritter wants to be accused […]

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Illinois’ Anti-Municipal Broadband Bill Killed For Now

Mitchell Szczepanczyk at Chicago IMC reports that the sponsor of an anti-municipal broadband bill in the Illinois legislature failed to enter it, likely due to lots of negative attention.

However, the war is not over yet:

Nevertheless, [there are] fears that the bill could still be in play in a “poison pill” maneuver, which would bury the bill in another “must-pass” bill and thus indirectly bring into law the municipal-internet-killing bill.

Always keep an eye on your state legislature and your local reps. It’s much easier to get a state legislator out of office than a US senator or congressperson, so you are more likely to get some response and action from them.

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