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Network Newspeak

As I predicted yesterday, the telecomm industry showed up at today’s Senate Commerce Committee meeting and found a way to advocate for THEIR version of network neutrality–the one that lets them filter what customers get over the internet-which isn’t really all that neutral. Say hello to network diversity, and what Congresscritter wants to be accused […]

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Illinois’ Anti-Municipal Broadband Bill Killed For Now

Mitchell Szczepanczyk at Chicago IMC reports that the sponsor of an anti-municipal broadband bill in the Illinois legislature failed to enter it, likely due to lots of negative attention.

However, the war is not over yet:

Nevertheless, [there are] fears that the bill could still be in play in a “poison pill” maneuver, which would bury the bill in another “must-pass” bill and thus indirectly bring into law the municipal-internet-killing bill.

Always keep an eye on your state legislature and your local reps. It’s much easier to get a state legislator out of office than a US senator or congressperson, so you are more likely to get some response and action from them.

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