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Berkeley Liberation Radio Raided by FCC

I just received an e-mail on the IMC-Audio list that says the California unlicensed FM station Berkeley Liberation Radio (BLR) was raided by the FCC this morning “confiscating all equipment (leaving only headphones and microphones). The local Field Office refuses to comment, referring phone calls to the Enforcement Bureau in Washington (which has gone home […]

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Anti-WTO Pirates Jam Commercial Radio in Australia

This takes some major balls — the Institute for Applied Piracy reports on Sydney Indymedia that they jammed commercial stations in that city for 10 minutes this morning with an anti-World Trade Organization report. A “mini-ministerial” of the World Trade Organization is meeting in that city this weekend. Recall that the anti-corporate-globablization movement really came together and Indymedia had its birth during protests against the WTO ministerial held in Seattle at the end of November, 1999. …

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