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Update from Oaxaca: “In the face of repression, quiet determination, dignity.”

Nancy Davies and George Salzman have written two new updates from Oaxaca and posted them on the web: Last Sunday, 10 Dec, the popular movement held its eighth mega-march, the first large manifestation following the imposition of a virtual state of siege imposed by the federal armed forces on 25 and 26 November. Nancy Davies’ […]

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Revving up the Dirty War in Oaxaca

George Salzman has sent another update from the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico, which he has posted in full at his own website: Oaxaca, Saturday 11 Nov 2006 Friends, The Oaxaca State and Mexican federal governments are unleashing a dirty war against the widespread social rebellion in Oaxaca, in the hope of smashing it as clandestinely […]

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