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Zine Weekend

This past weekend I attended the first Chicago Zine Fest, which also happened to be the first zine fest I’ve been to in almost five years. Attendance seemed quite high for the events that I went to, which was great to see. Friday night’s zine reading at Quimby’s bookstore was standing-room-only from the stage at […]

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The Irony of the Vinyl Resurgence

Back in the 1980s when the Compact Disc first hit the market there was great excitement in the high fidelity and audiophile world anticipating the arrival of crystal-clean digital sound that would be unmarred by the vagaries of analog playback long suffered by music lovers. Whether vinyl LPs’ clicks and pops or cassette tapes’ hiss, […]

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Lubbock, TX loses an alternative radio voice

I very much regret to report the news of yet another college station leaving the air. This time the news comes by way of Jennifer at Spinning Indie: nearly 50-year-old college radio station KTXT at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas was abruptly shut down on December 10th by the university. Apparently the school is […]

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