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mediageek 4 December 2008: Communication Rights and Freedom of Expression

On Nov. 7 the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a conference held in Montreal, QC. Community radio CKUT‘s News Collective recorded the conference, making the audio available to other community radio stations to share. On this edition of the radioshow we listen to two presentations from the panel […]

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New York Times Declares: Iraq War Over

Well, at least a special edition of the New York Times that I’m pretty sure was released by hoaxmeisters, the Yes Men. According to an unsigned press release I received in my email this morning, 1.2 million copies of the “exact replica” of the New York Times with a cover date of July 4, 2009 […]

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The FCC Can Has Google for Piratez

Ever wondered how the FCC tracks down and busts pirate radio operators? Anyone familiar with the subject has heard about radio tracking equipment that helps agents triangulate a signal, but what other tools are in their arsenal? Google is a big one. Another tool? Taking pictures of the buildings where they find signals, and photographing […]

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Tim Robbins Speaks Truth to the NAB

On today’s radioshow I also played a portion of Tim Robbins’ not entirely scheduled keynote speech to the National Association of Broadcasters convention on Monday, in which he excoriated the mainstream media industry saying, ““We are at an abyss as an industry and as a country.” Robbins’ excerpt is in the first part of the […]

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Twitter has the best live feed from FCC Stanford

I only two weeks into my Twitter experience, but I’m starting to drink the Kool Aid. Following these Tweets is giving me the best updates from the Stanford hearing when I can’t be listening live: Thanks to @nsputnik! for the Tweet refs.

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