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Last night I made a 22minute DVD is less than an hour, from capture to final burn. And I am amazed.

This experience serves as another reminder to me that it’s important to have good entry-level media creation tools if we’re seriously going to democratize the media. A person shouldn’t have to spend weeks in a classroom or reading manuals to communicate effectively. Any tool that makes the process of communicating through media easier and more intuitive is a good thing.

For some time now I’ve been saying that true DIY DVD creation isn’t ready for prime time. Burning DVDs isn’t new to me. I got a burner at work last year and I’ve struggled along with learning the ropes of MPEG2 compression (which takes forever on a dual P-III machine), authoring, making menus, etc. etc. On the whole it’s been a frustrating pain-in-the-ass experience. Especially when you wait 20+ hours for your video to compress only to find out that it ended up being a few megabytes over the size limit of a DVD-R.

But a few weeks ago I got a new computer, an off-the-shelf HP from Best Buy (24 months of 0% financing, woo hoo!), that got my attention because it includes a DVD+RW drive. …

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Radioshow Archives Back In Order

I’ve finally got the mediageek radioshow page updated to be completely current. The 2002 shows have been moved onto their own archive page.

Programs are available in two flavors of mp3 (16kbps for low-bandwitdh connections like modems, and 64 kbps for braodcast-quality over higher-bandwidth) and Ogg Vorbis, the high-quality open-source audio format. The Ogg files have equivalent sound quality to the 64kbps mp3 files, but with about 30% smaller files. You can play the Ogg files using Winamp 3 on Windoze PCs. Click here to find players for other computers and operating systems.

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City Council Ahoy!

DIYMedia notes that a former Tampa, FL pirate broadcaster is running for city council in that city, even using his acts of civil disobedience as a campaign asset. Hey, if George Bush can pirate a presidency, then at least a radio pirate should be able to win an election fair-and-square.

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