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If you can’t help but watch…

Although I know it’s best just to wait until tomorrow morning when all the polls have closed and the votes have been counted (we hope…), it’s hard not to keep your eyes glued to the car wreck that is election night news coverage. But if you want to break away from the mainstream, at least […]

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Radio Indymedia Is Back Online!

Thanks to hardworking geek IMCistas Radio Indymedia is back online, providing a great resource for uploading and sharing radically independent, non-commercial audio and radio content. This is great because the extensive and valuable archives are again available, but also because it’s open to new content, too. For the six months or so that Radio Indymedia […]

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An Appeal from Kenya

The situation in Kenya is truly heartbreaking, especially since that nation has shown so much progress in moving past ethnic tensions and divisions. This message from an Indymedia journalist in has been circulating through Indymedia networks and deserves wider dissemination: Dear Indymedia Colleagues, Five days ago, on the 27th of December, I stood in a […]

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Sad News from Oaxaca

I’ve been mostly offline (from the web, at least) for days now, so I apologize for not posting this earlier. Many readers well-plugged-in to the Indymedia scene will likely know already, but I must note the murder of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will by Mexican military forces in Oaxaca last Friday. This happened as mexican […]

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Political Economy by Any Other Name Is Apparently a Fresh, New Idea

Perhaps this is nothing new, but I’m starting to really notice a severe lack of awareness of critical traditions within the A-list blogosphere/digerati culture. Back in March, Andrew took note of a proposal to create a new “interdisciplinary discipline’ of Critical Information Studies, which he concluded, “sounds very like the areas covered by Political Economy […]

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