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Show notes for Feb. 16 radioshow: FCC makes LPFM exceptions; SFLR has its day in court

John Anderson from was my guest for the Feb. 16 edition of the mediageek radioshow [listen now]. We talked about a couple of exceptions the FCC has made with regard to issuing low-power FM licenses. First, the FCC has given “special temporary authority” to a former FM pirate in Goldfield, Nevada — read articles […]

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From the Aug. 4, 2006 edition of the mediageek radioshow: The Senate Telecomm bill which would create a national cable franchise is no closer to a vote than it has been all Summer. One factor holding up the bill are Democrat threats of a hold or filibuster. Majority leader Bill Frist won’t let the bill […]

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From Today’s Radioshow: Net Neutrality Debate and Daily Show Segments

On today’s radioshow we listened to excerpts from a debate on Net Neutrality between two founders of the internet, Vint Cerf, in defense of net neutrality, and Dave Farber, speaking against it. The debate was sponsored by the Center for American Progress, and you can find an mp3 of the whole debate at the Public […]

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News Headlines from the Feb. 24 Radioshow: Net Neutrality Setback in the House; Senate Comm Committee Considers Cable

These are the news headlines as read on the Feb. 24 edition of the mediageek radioshow. Net Neutrality Setback in the House Energy & Commerce Committee The battle over the future of the internet is heating up on Capitol Hill. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is currently drafting telecommunications legislation that will address many […]

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News Headlines from the Jan. 13 Radioshow: NJ Outlaws Pirates, Indiana Senate Considers Massive Telecom Dereg, more…

These are the news headlines as read on the Jan. 13, 2006 edition of the mediageek radioshow: NJ Passes Anti-Pirate Radio Law; Indiana Senate Considering Radical Telecom Deregulation; FCC Accepting Comments on Local Cable TV; FCC Chair Says ‘Yes’ to Network Neutrality, and ‘Yes’ to Two-Tiered Internet; Groups Urge FCC Not To Expedite TV Station License Renewals

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